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Johnson receives warm welcome from UNM


Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson made an unexpected but welcome visit to his alma mater in Albuquerque, N.M. on Tuesday. 

Johnson’s liberal social policies are especially appealing to student voters and Johnson has a strong following among younger voters. 

The economy is the most important issue to me because we are the world’s superpower and as such, we should have stability. Economic stability, as a future paramedic, is especially important to myself and people in my field for retirement. Right now there are a lot of people in my field losing their pensions because the economy is so bad and that is something that I cannot afford to lose.

Solon Nodal, student at the Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, N.M. 

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New Mexico's voter postcard project expected to affect turnout


Some Democrats in New Mexico are criticizing the state’s voter postcard registration project as a suppression of minority voters.

The project was created in an attempt to update voter information and will soon be used to purge “inactive” voters from voter rolls, according to this Huffington Post report.

Critics of the program are calling the entire project fundamentally problematic given the state’s economic condition. New Mexico registered the highest foreclosure rate in the nation briefly in 2010 and many voters have relocated since the last election. 

In terms of specific groups, like Native Americans, Washburn’s confirmation will make a difference in the amount of support Obama receives this election. New Mexico and Oklahoma, where Washburn is from, will recognize and appreciate the fact that Obama nominated Washburn to the post of assistant secretary for Indian Affairs at the Department of Interior…

I think Washburn’s confirmation will make a slight difference in the amount of Native people who will vote in favor of Obama this election. The challenge is actually getting voters to the voting polls.

Dr. Lloyd Lee, Assistant Professor of Native American Studies at the University of New Mexico. 

UNM Law school dean Kevin Washburn, Chickasaw, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to the position of assistant secretary for Indian Affairs at the Department of Interior. The recommendation, made by President Barack Obama, earned positive reactions in New Mexico. Washburn’s confirmation follows a newly released poll that showing Obama with a ten-point lead in the state.  

(via 2012swingstates)

(Source:, via 2012swingstates)

Has Romney given up on New Mexico?


CNN reports that the Republican National Committee, in conjunction with Mitt Romney’s campaign, will relocate three campaign staffers to a more competitive Colorado and Nevada.

Although Republicans will maintain a campaign staff in New Mexico, all signs point to them ceding to President Obama in the state. RealClearPolitics reports that Obama has a 10-point lead over Romney.

Neither candidate is currently airing television ads in New Mexico.


The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque received its first presidential candidate visit of 2012 on Tuesday morning. But despite New Mexico’s status on the fringe of the states considered up-for-grabs in 2012, it wasn’t from President Obama or Mitt Romney.

Peta Lindsay, the nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, interacted with staff and students advocating her addition to the New Mexico voting ballot. 

Lindsay is technically not a legal candidate as she is only 28 and the Constitution requires that all presidential candidates be at least 35 years old. The anti-war and immigration advocate has managed to make it onto the ballot in 13 states, excluding New Mexico.


Health care dominates 'most shared' issues in New Mexico


CNN reports that health care is the “most shared issue” on social media in 13 battleground states, according to data from social sharing company ShareThis. And New Mexicans  discuss healthcare online more than twice as often as other 12 “battleground states” included in the study. 

According to information provided to CNN, 16.1% of total shares in 12 battleground states are stories about health care. Over 12% of shares are on stories relating to abortion, followed by education, the economy, role of government, gun control, environment, same-sex marriage, terrorism and foreign policy. Immigration is the least shared-issue with only 1.7% of all shares. Users from New Mexico share health care stories the most – at 45% – followed by New Hampshire at 20%.